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Snow cleaners Inc operates weekly route systems to serve the cleaning industry in 48 of California’s 58 counties. We also serve Northern Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

In other outside areas of our route system, Snow Cleaners Inc. uses Courier Services. Being centrally located in Stockton, California allows snow cleaners to expand even further.

We now enjoy being able to serve the industry with petroleum, Perchlorethylene and of course, the new snow clean system, all of which meet or exceed the standards and qualifications of the environmental concerns of the community and Industry.

Snow cleaners Inc. welcomes new customers daily from the cleaning, tailoring industry, laundries, and Commercial customers.

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About Us

We Know How To Clean Your Garments

With over a hundred years of experience, we understand that your precious gown, shirt, jacket, or particular item is an irreplaceable treasure. To preserve it, weather as a symbol of your memories or as an heirloom to pass on to those after you, requires the care and expertise that only experience can provide. At Snow Cleaners Inc., we’ve been practicing the fine art of restoring and preserving delicate materials and fabrics since 1910.


How May We Help You?

Area Rugs

We clean, deodorize, repair, and protect your area rugs with stain resistance to keep them in pristine condition.

Many Different Alterations

Shortening sleeves, shortening length, new panels, zippers, snaps, buttons, new collars.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Snow cleaners will return your wedding or christening gown to pristine condition, and preserve it for generations to come.


Pickup and delivery available from your home or work so you can focus on what you need to do.


We clean and sanitize pillows, sheets, comforters, and feather beds of all sizes.

Elemental Restoration

Water and fire restoration flame retardant treatment and certification ozone is also available to prevent your material from the elements.

Leather Specialists

Expert leather repair and alterations to make your leather garment looking vibrant and maintained.

Specialty Formal Wear

Beaded dresses, sequence dresses, some hand-painted items.

You Can Clean That? Yup!

Purses, Shoes, Boots, Fabric, Teddy Bears. With many different cleaning and refinishing methods, your cleaning is tailored to your material.

Your Wedding Gown Deserves the Best

Your precious wedding gown is simply irreplaceable. You want to remember those precious moments of your wedding and your dress plays a key component to re-living that very special day. Here at Snow Cleaners, we specialize in delicate yet effective cleaning and preservation techniques to protect the precious materials that your dress is made of. With our process, your dress will have the sustainability to be handed down to your children, and their children after that. Please read below to find out more about our unique process and call us today to find out how we can bring back your dress' former glory.

Hidden damage

A wedding gown is worn for only a day, and though it may not appear to be soiled, it still requires careful cleaning. Perspiration and body oils must be removed, as well as soil from hemlines of long gowns and trains of course, those from food and beverages. These and other stains may not be immediately visible. They develop with age through the process of oxidation, resulting in discoloration and causing fabric weakness and other damage if left uncleaned.

Painstaking inspection

Our preservation specialists carefully examine each garment upon receipt, inspecting for stains, tears, bead damage, yellowing and other details that will dictate special cleaning needs. We produce a report detailing the condition of the dress when received, which we provide to the customer for a comprehensive listing of cleaning, repair, preservation and storage.

Special handling

Each down then goes through a thorough and professional cleaning process, tailored to the gown's specific needs. We use the safest, most delicate and most effective methods known to the industry. Our process for protecting and preserving the delicate fabrics used in traditional wedding gowns are environmentally approved.

Preservation and Storage

After cleaning, the gown is checked again to make sure all stains are removed, all pieces are collected ( veil, bouquet, photos, invitations, etc.) and that any special instructions from the customer are completed. The gown is then hand-finished and reinspected after finishing. All articles are placed in a special acid-free box with a clear viewing window, and packed with acid-free tissue for protection.

The box is sealed, and the oxygen within is replaced with an inert gas to prevent yellowing. The gown and any articles in the sealed box are then placed in a specially-designed storage box, and then re-boxed for shipment protection.

Trust Snow Cleaners

Safe, reliable, experience care for your precious memories is yours at Snow Cleaners. Let us prepare your heirloom for the future.


From filthy to spotless!


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